Lana Del Rey's Favorite Things Inferred from Her Instagram

Lana Del Rey's Favorite Things,
Inferred from Admiring Her Instagram

1) Falling in Love with Appliances

Lana Del Rey clearly loves her fridge, it must be due to all the yummy food she eats from it. We often do have a personal connection to our fridge but many of us fail to show the fridge proper love like Lana certainly does.

Lana Del Rey Loves Her Fridge Lana Del Rey Fridge Lover

Source: See the post on Instagram


2) Having Amazing Birthday Parties

We all love birthdays but Lana Del Rey took it to the next level (4 year old style) by celebrating a group birthday with two besties.  Matching tiaras and beautiful smiles work out well for these three birthday princesses (Lana Del Rey is in the middle).

Lana Del Rey Birthday Lana Del Rey was born June 21, 1985 and  celebrated her 34th Birthday group style!

Source: See the post on Instagram


3) Spending Time With Adorable Puppy Dogs

Lana appears to be extremely happy spending time with one of the 101 Dalmatians.  Puppy dogs are good for snuggling in the park, on the couch or on your instagram feed.  We are not sure if this is Lana Del Rey's dog but she clearly has an attachment to it.  Let's just call her "dots" as we also do not know the puppies name.

Lana Del Rey's Dog Lana Del Rey with a Dalmatian Puppy at The Dog Park

Source: See the post on Instagram

4) Lana Del Rey Autograph Signing, Lana enjoys Scribbling on Stuff!

Most of us resort to scribbling on walls with markers, especially in public bathrooms with romantic nothings like "lots of love" or "call 555-1212 for a good time!".  Lana is taking this one step further by scribbling her "lots of love" on accoustic guitars.  Which makes Lana Del Rey one of the coolest musicians of this decade.  Whoever the lucky recipient is of Lana Del Rey's Autograph, they surely will cherish it more than their first born.

Lana Del Rey Autograph Lana Del Rey Autographing an Accoustic Guitar

Source: See the post on Instagram

Lana Del Rey writes beautiful and scary songs filled with emotion and power, love and lust, and memories long lost.  She has the voice of an angel and has taken the world by storm (seemingly overnight) as a her hit song Summer Time Sadness became a top single on the House Music Charts and in turn steered fans to her albums.

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